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Novo Hamburgo a city in the southernmost brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, 40 Km from the capital. The city is the industrial center of the Vale do Rio dos Sinos, the economy of which is based mainly on the manufacture of shoes and the associated leather goods supply chain. It is considered a rich city by brazilian standards.

The first settlements of Novo Hamburgo dating from the eighteenth century when the azorean immigrants settled in the northwestern part of the city in the current quarter Rincão dos Ilhéus, or simply Rincão. In 1824, German immigrants began arriving in the colony of São Leopoldo, then developing a thriving rural society in the region Vale do Rio dos Sinos. Shortly afterwards the first small towns in the colonies, and one of them was located in the area of Hamburger Berg, that marked the origin of the city of Novo Hamburgo.

The economy of Novo Hamburgo was born and developed in the footwear industry. It was a very rapid, persistent and organized, and is recognized as the National Capital Footwear. Because of this, came the so-called shoe-leather sector formed by tanneries, chemical plants, shoe components, metals and electronics. Appearing also the sector of plastic and metal-mechanic who begin to take part in the economy of the city.

Today Novo Hamburgo start enjoying a new phase of industrial diversification. With the installation of new industries, facilitating its implementation and opening the door to new activities. The city already includes industries of pharmacy, clothing, cosmetics, furniture, appliances, graphic art, computer, chemical, construction, truck bodies, food, among others.

The International Fair of Footwear and Leather Goods is considered one of the important fairs in the footwear industry in Novo Hamburgo. Held annually since 1963 and, in addition to internationally promote the city, is promoting the potential of our footwear industry in the region of the Vale dos Sinos. The exhibition fair has eight air-conditioned pavilions, built in an area of 25 000 square meters with convention hall and lectures, snack bars, hotel, and a panoramic restaurant.

National Capital Footwear
The leather and footwear sector is still of great importance to the economy and local development. Proof of this is that Novo Hamburgo participates in major trade shows and hosts exhibitions that are reference in the area. Special mention to FENAC (International Shoe Fair) and FIMEC (International Fair of Machinery Leather, Leather, Footwear Components and Accessories). Events anticipate trends, attracting consumers, retailers, importers and professionals. Thus, Novo Hamburgo is not only consolidated as a major producer, but also as a center of technological development and information for the sector. The booths in the city are also present in other shows, and Couromoda and Francal.

Novo Hamburgo - Brazilian Capital of Footwear

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